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Verdicts and Settlements

In reading these recoveries, you understand that:

  • Each case is unique. The facts of your case may be different from previous results achieved.
  • The Settlements and Verdicts page gives information on only a small sample of previous cases.
  • The results below may or may not be indicative of future results. Each case is different with its own merits and challenges.

Gross Recovery Amounts and Case Descriptions

$3,100,000 - Premises Liability- Estate of Jane Doe vs. ABC Gas Company - Attendant acted negligently by activating gas pump which allowed criminal to fatally burn client’s daughter.

$2,750,000 – Automobile Accident – Delivery Company driver hit our client's car. Client severely injured her back despite low property damage to her vehicle.

$1,150,000 – Medical Malpractice – Estate of Jane Doe vs. Hospital and Doctors - Failure to adequately monitor patient after surgery, which was one of the contributing factors to her death.

$1,100,000 – Automobile Accident – Our client was rear-ended. She was diagnosed as having a non-surgical cervical fracture.

$750,000 - On the Job Accident – Our client suffered multiple fractures.

$650,000 - Automobile Accident - Our client was rear-ended by a pizza delivery truck.

$450,000 ‐ Automobile Accident ‐ Truck caused a multiple‐car accident injuring our client.

$350,000 – Automobile Accident – Our client was backed into by a truck. Damage to his vehicle was minimal. Client suffered a torn ACL which required surgery.

$350,000- Premises Liability – Our client suffered slight cognitive impairment after nearly drowning. Homeowner left client asleep on raft after serving her alcoholic drinks.

$350,000 - Motorcycle Accident - Client knocked off cycle by truck. Client suffered broken finger, herniation, and road rash.

$325,000 - Automobile Accident - Client suffered herniated disc from collision.

$300,000 - Premises Liability - Our client suffered the loss of the tip of his baby finger on a theme park ride.

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